The business needs keep on evolving over the years. Right from the moment you plan to start a business to the ever-expanding needs of the business, there will be a requirement for funding which the investor or the business owner has to bring in. This can be highly complicated, especially when there is a need for huge funding. Thankfully you can find loans for small business investments that will make the process easy. A search for the best loan for your business will be helpful for you to identify the charges and see which one of them will be suitable for your specific business goals and needs. However, you must know there are a lot of eligibility criteria that the person has to fulfill before they will be able to get the funding. For instance, credit score happens to be an essential one.

The credit score of the person or the business impact the amount one will be able to borrow for the business operations. This makes the process of getting a small business loan highly complicated. Besides, you must know the requirement will also vary depending on the loan product and the lender you are choosing to get the help from.

Understanding The Credit Score

The credit score is generally a way for the lender to check the borrower's creditworthiness; thus, it aims to reduce the risk of the lender providing the loan. Business owners who have got lower credit scores might have a tough time securing loans for their business operations. This can result in a complete shutdown. No doubt you can easily find loans for business, but qualifying for the same can be a bit tough. Thus, you need to understand things well before making the final decision. It will be easier for you to know the loan amount you will be able to access and what steps are taken to fully fill the deal.

Credit Score for a Business Loan

Truth to be told, there is no universal credit score that happens to be the minimum requirement for business loans. However, there are certain loans that come with no credit check requirement. In most cases, you will see that a lender will be able to take the credit score into consideration when deciding if they want to work with you or not. In simple words, when you have got a strong credit score, it will be easier for you to get a business loan.

Herein, your credit does not just determine eligibility for getting the business loan, but it will also determine the terms that your business loan will come with. For instance, the repayment schedule, amount, interest, etc. No doubt there are a lot of other credentials like how long your business has been operating, annual revenue, and other factors that can greatly impact your business loan options and terms.

However, in the end, it comes down to the personal credit score, which will be the major factor in determining the funding. So, if you are planning to find the best loan for your business, here is the breakdown of the credit score that will be required to get the loan amount. This will help you understand things better.

700 or above

A score of 700 or more will be considered to be the best by any banking institution to provide you with the loan. In fact, it is considered a good credit score that opens up multiple choices. When it comes to business loan options like SBA loans, Bank business lines of credit, traditional bank loans are a lot more common. Also, you will be able to get the lowest interest with this credit score. But remember, there will be the need for you to come with stronger business credentials to access the best terms for small business loans in Michigan.

 640 to 700

The lenders generally look for a credit score between 640 to 700 to be good. It is a minimum credit requirement for SBA and various other loans. But when you are on the lower end, you will have to provide a strong business plan to qualify. Herein mid-term loans or financing for equipment from alternative lenders would be a great option for keeping the credit score managed.

600 to 640

In case 640, it means that you will be invisible for getting most of the business loans. In fact, SBA loans will be quite difficult to qualify for. But you still will have a solid business loan option with a credit above 600. Even when you have got a strong business plan, there are medium-term alternative lenders available for you that will be helpful for you to get the required funding.


When you are hoping to get the best loan for your business, it will be difficult for you with this credit score. In fact, unless you have a good profitable, or high-volume business, there won’t be any equipment financing lenders who can provide you with the required amount for your business operations. But still, you will be eligible for many invoice financing companies. 

550 or Below

This is the lowest credit score of all the business loan options. It will be limited to personal credit. You will have to search for small business loans in Michigan to identify the choices that you have for getting the required funding for the process. But it will be restricted to a great level. This is why a search here is extremely important. 


Finding loans for small business is not tough. But it comes with certain eligibility criteria needed. For instance, having good credit during such a time will be helpful. With this, you will be able to identify the choices that you have and then make the decision about the right option. Even when you have got poor credit, there is still a possibility for you to get the funding. There are advisors who can make the process easy. They will help you understand the choices you have and ensure that the loan process will be easier.